Real Housewife Dishes About New Book And Another Season

"Salt, pepper and olive oil are like underwear."

THE SHOW: “It's very different this season in that there are a lot of shifts and its way more psychotic and dramatic than ever before."

In person, Bethenny Frankel’s face is softer; her hazel eyes stunning as she settles into her seat, the small bump in her mid-section the only giveaway that she’s five months pregnant. Her gaze is direct; a hint to what we can expect to come out of her mouth.

When asked what kind of drugs fellow housewife Kelly Bensimon is on, Bethenny Frankel’s answer is concise: “I don’t know what Kelly is on. I know that Kelly is on the Real Housewives that airs this season starting March fourth … but other than that…”

It’s the kind of blunt response fans of the ever-so-frank Frankel have come to expect from the reality TV star.

“I always feel that the audience and I feel the exact same way but the people that are up on-stage in the play with me aren’t seeing what’s going on. It’s like there’s a monster behind us and no one sees it,” said Frankel.

Frankel’s candor is the antithesis of the fake manner in which some of the other housewives act. Being ‘real’ on a reality show has left Frankel feeling somewhat isolated and well, scared.

“I feel that it’s a haunted house and I’m the only one that knows that it’s haunted.”

Drama, trippy socialites, crazy-eyed charity mongers and filthy rich ladies of leisure aside, now that Frankel is getting married on her own show Bethenny Gets Married, Frankel admits she may leave the show.

“It might be time to leave the party and this would be the time to leave the party because at the end of this season …that will be the party at full tilt,” said Frankel.

THE BOOK: “I truly think that diets really are the only four letter word.”

A best-seller two weeks since its debut, Frankel's new book “The Skinnygirl Dish” brings her self-professed “rapier’s wit,” wisdom and humor to readers. It’s an easy-to-follow book for people who want to shed pounds and have a healthy relationship with food. There are 60 recipes in the book that are easily “renovated” into more than 1000. It’s equal parts cookbook and follow-up to living what Frankel deems “living naturally thin.”

Frankel explains: “Naturally thin means having a good relationship with food… Not fearing food, it’s not your best friend or your enemy -- you’re not good if you didn’t eat or bad if you did -- it has to be incorporated into your life. It’s not like a drug where you can get it out of your life. You have to be able to relate to food and if you’re relating to food properly, you will never have a weight problem.”

And for millions of Americans that's the ultimate goal. They chase their skinny dreams with a hunger. It’s almost ingrained. Skinny equals success, especially for Frankel.

“Not everybody is like Paris Hilton who eats half a cheeseburger and some French fries and then walks away from it. That’s the ultimate goal, which is naturally thin where food just isn’t that important.”

Catch the author and get a signed copy of her new book or a bottle of Skinnygirl Margarita today at Legacy Books at 6:30 p.m. in Plano.

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