Real Horror Movie Too Scary for Twihards

More proof that "Twilight" isn't true genre fare: Previews for actual horror movies are too frightening for Twihards.

Plano-based Cinemark Theatres yanked the trailer for "Paranormal Activity 2" from its "Eclipse" showings after getting complaints that it was "too scary," Deadline Hollywood reported.

The Hollywood blog reported that Cinemark got multiple complaints about the trailer from Texas moviegoers who attended the midnight and 3 a.m. showings of the third pic in the "Twilight" series, which opened Wednesday.

While the original "Paranormal Activity" famously spooked its audiences, the trailer for the sequel isn't particularly scream-worthy. So why did a studio exec tell Deadline Hollywood that "a ton of girls jumped out of their seats and screamed" during showings?

Genre filmmakers who were hoping to capitalize on the "Twilight" phenomenon should take this as a warning: People who swoon over sparkly vampires who fall in love with personality-less teenage girls aren't actually horror fans. There are vampires ... and then there are vampires who sparkle.

It is not clear which Cinemark theaters won't be showing the trailer. A message was left for a Cinemark spokeswoman Thursday afternoon.

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