Rare Money on Display in Dallas

Historic money worth more than $100 million

More than a $100 million of historic money is on display at the National Money Show.

Besides valuable gold coins and worthless funny money, a 1913 Liberty Head nickel -- only five of which were ever made -- is on display.

Ryan Givens and his sisters are the coin’s current owners. Their mother kept it in a closet for 40 years, believing it was not worth anything.

In 2003, they got an expert to take a closer look.

"We took it Baltimore, and they decided it was real -- that it was one of the original five," Givens said.

The family has insured the nickel for $5 million.

The history lessons that can be learned from coins drew out Valerie Fix and her family.

"We study a lot of history, so it helps put something tangible in front of them to relate to them,” she said.

The show continues at the Dallas Convention Center through Saturday.

Admission is $6. Children 12 and younger enter for free.

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