Raising Awareness At Rise No 1

Many of the elementary children participating in the "rise n°1" and Uplift Education program have never eaten at a restaurant before. Let alone, a soufflerie like "rise n°1."

But during April and May, fifth and sixth graders from five different public charter schools will visit "rise n°1" to learn about running a green restaurant.

"We've actually done a lot of recycling at Hampton and we started a recycling program and now they are seeing a connection between that program and what it's like here in the business world," said Hampton Prep teacher, Zachary Adorno.

The folks at the restaurant are teaching by example, imparting their knowledge to school children.

"rise n°1" offers much more than its crave worthy French fare. It has what owner Hedda Gioia Dowd refers to as a "five sensory" experience.

Dowd speaks about the importance of teaching children about good nutrition and the environment with conviction.

Hand-written thank you letters framed throughout the restaurant show the appreciation felt by children who may not have otherwise eaten at a French restaurant.

It's a fun and informative way for the school children to taste new foods and learn about the environment at the same time.

"We just really want them to get excited about -- if I want to work in a restaurant some day, or if I want to work in a green industry someday, 'What do I, as a fifth grader, need to do to succeed in that career path?'" said Communications Manager for Uplift Education, Britni Marny.

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