Rain Check Controversy

Today, I was minding my own business when all of the sudden..someone rained on my parade. Pun intended.

I thought I was going to Walgreens to use my rain check for 99¢ Garnier (January deal) and I was super pumped! I was super prepared too - coupons in hand. Remember the free Garnier in January? Yeah, well, not so much.

I got the register with my Garnier & rain check in hand. The lady looked at me kinda funny and said, "Garnier was 99¢"?


She showed it to the girl training her (this should have been my warning sign to just walk away) and she said "You can't buy all those." Umm...why? "There is a limit of 2."

I just LOVE it when cashiers make up their own rules. Really. Why not? It shows their entrepreneurial spirit. I'm all for it. When it's with someone else.

So I said, "Umm..no. There was no limit & there is no limit on my rain check."

She had to talk to her manager...this is code for, "I will take an extensive amount of your time trying to figure out a way to kill your deal."

Sure enough...she comes back with her manager. Her manager promptly tells me, "There is a problem here." (Yes, I would agree.)

"Oh? And what would that be?" (Me)

"Garnier was never on sale for 99¢". (Her)

"Yes, it was. That's why my rain check is for 99¢." (Me)

"No. That was the price when you used the Easy Saver book." (Her)

"And..." (Me)

"So this rain check is invalid." (Her)

"So...you found out there was, in fact, no limit. So now you're going to tell me that the manager who gave me this rain check was incorrect - despite the fact your ad advertised the deal as being 99¢. Right?" (Me)

"Right." (Her)

I then, of course, took my completely VALID rain check & exited the store.

Honestly! Are you kidding me? The rain check is legible. It's signed & dated by a manager. Remind me what the word "valid" means? The ad clearly states you get it for 99¢!

So now I have to stop at another Walgreens on my way home to get my Garnier. That means I went to Walgreens #1 to find they were completely out. Then I went to Walgreens #2 to use my rain check because #1 was out. Now I will go to Walgreens #3 to again use my rain check because #1 was out and #2 was not in the mood to do a price modification.

In all fairness, I usually love Walgreens. Today's trip is not what I usually experience. But it was enough hassle to make me wonder why I do this...

I know why. I'm addicted. To coupons. I'm making up for 30 years of paying full price. And I'm not done!

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