Rain Washing Away October Plans, Profits in North Texas

North Texas parents, pumpkin patches pray for sunshine

If you're fed up because the rain won't let up, you're not alone. From visiting the State Fair, to picking out pumpkins, October was supposed to be great month for outdoor activities. Mother Nature didn't get the memo.

At Kwik Kar in Flower Mound Friday, any drivers who braved the wet weather for a detail were greeted with a “sorry, we’re closed” sign. The rain is also washing away profits at pumpkin patches. The Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch is all decked out for kids, but there weren’t any in sight. Thanks to the mess left behind by thick mud and large puddles, it’s been closed for more days than it's been open.

“Every day we say 'oh my gosh, not again.' We would love for the rain to come to an end, lord help us. We just pray for sunny skies and for things to go really well,” said Patsy Mizeur, a longtime employee.

For parents with cooped up kids, the forecast has brought frustration. However, some found relief indoors at Play Street Museum in Plano.

Lisa Scott, one of those parents, said she can't wait for sunshine.

“Just to be able to take a walk outside with the kids would be wonderful and just to go play on the playground without it being muddy and soaking wet, would be great,” Scott said.

It looks like there's some hope in the weekend forecast. If the dry weather projection holds, pumpkin patches might be open and outdoor businesses may just catch a break.

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