Rain Leaves Behind Piles of Trash in Arlington Neighborhood

The rain is causing some nasty problems for a group of neighbors in Arlington.

Homes in the Waterfront at the Enchanted Bay neighborhood back up to Lake Arlington.

Neighbors say that the recent heavy rain has washed up large amounts of trash out of the lake.

“When you have the trash there, you don't want to look outside…" said Alyssa Copley, who works from a home in the neighborhood.

Copley said that she doesn’t want to be the one to clean up the trash, especially when she doesn’t know what’s underneath it.

“The land is not safe to walk on, there's holes and wild animals… we've seen a couple different snakes out there," said Copley.

Arlington Parks and Recreation Director Lemuel Randolph released this statement to NBC 5:

Unfortunately, the recent record rainfall has washed inordinate amounts of litter into the lake from surrounding creeks, tributaries, and storm drain inlets and cleanup is underway. As the debris settles onto the shoreline, the private property owners have the primary responsibility of cleanup. As resources allow, the City removes as much debris from the water starting with objects that pose a concern to boaters. City staff were able to get on the water for the first time Saturday afternoon since the most recent rain, and have begun removal of debris. We are currently assessing the areas with the highest need for cleanup, and formulating a plan to address as much debris as possible.

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