Putting ‘Ugh' in Ugly

Ugly House winner also disgusting

A couple of months ago, we mentioned an online contest to select the ugliest house in North Texas.

We can all exhale now because we finally have the answer.

This baby right here topped, perhaps bottomed, the list in the contest sponsored by HomeVestors of America, Inc., the caveman investment-property company as opposed to the caveman insurance company.

The house in East Fort Worth sported a collapsed roof, rotting front porch, shattered foundation, and 900 square feet of abject squalor.

Mike Hambright, who operates Evolution Properties, a local HomeVestors franchisee, apparently saw the place or read reports of its cleanup.

He said workers filled a 40-foot dumpster and a 20-foot dumpster with mounds of trash and rotted food. The online description contains the phrase “trash up to your shoulders,” and the photos show piles of broken furniture, doors off the hinges, discarded clothes, what might be a mattress, and all manner of detritus.

Whoever painted the interior does not have an eye for color coordination.

The yard looked like a scraggly undeveloped wooded area on the outskirts of town. The type you might see Big Foot skulking about. Mercifully, there are no pictures of a bathroom.

On a lighter note, residents during some era were fans of KEGL-FM (97.1 the Eagle) judging by the poster adorning one wall, so they had that going for them. On a sadder note, that might be all that had going for them.

Bruce Felps owns and operates East Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He’s a single guy living alone so he’s familiar with an unkempt house, but day-um.

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