Pub's Facebook Page Slams Obama

Nearly 100 patrons commented before removal

Zio Carlo Magnolia Brew Pub's Facebook page might have a few less "likes" today after a Monday post criticizing President Obama ignited a firestorm of commentary.

The recently opened pub posted "I would prefer not have spoiled Obama kids around me" on Monday night, which lead to nearly 100 comments from Facebook fans -- most railing against the opinion posted by the pub.

Though the offending post has been removed, a screen capture of the conversation was passed around social media this morning and was sent to NBC 5. Click here to read the entire feed. (WARNING: Foul language)

Since the posting, Zio Carlo has removed the original post, replacing it with a status update apparently apologizing for the earlier opinion.

"1st) To all that I offended, I do apologize 2nd) Everyone is welcome 3rd) This was a sad example of too much beer while on my computer," the update says.

Both the original offending post and the apology seem to have been written by owner Carlo Galotto. During the commentary on the original post, Fort Worth council member Joel Burns even commented, "Carlo, I truly ached reading this."

Social media marketers and patrons in the area shared the offending post on Twitter, calling the incident a "meltdown," "rant," and "social media fail."

We've reached out to Galotto for comment.

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