Bailey's Prime Plus isn't just another place to grab a steak; it's a destination steakhouse with 12,000 square-feet of Sin City right in Big D. It separates itself from other dark, ‘doom and gloom’ meat market steakhouses some of us may have come accustomed to over the years. So you want a good steak, is it too much to ask that you’re able to see five feet in front of you when you walk in? Last we checked Vampires nosh on live flesh, not a well-done filet mignon. 

Bailey’s Prime Plus cuts away from other carnivore-friendly restaurants in so many ways. There’s the red carpet upon guest’s arrival… six full size trees rising from a reflecting pool (talk about a focal point) in a dining room that has twenty-five-foot ceilings ensconced in the subtle glow of real 24-karat gold leaf on its frieze…

“The concept of the ambiance really deals with making it a very female friendly restaurant,” said owner Ed Bailey.

His favorite spot in the impressive steakhouse is the ‘Black and White’ room, where diners can nosh underneath a 24-karat gold ceiling. Time to raise a botoxed brow? We think so! Or, if you’re a woman, raise your glass of complimentary Champagne that servers are happy to plunk down in front of well-manicured paws. 

As appeasing as the place is on the eyes, it’s equally as satisfying for stomachs.

“The meat for our steaks is all prime, it’s center cut so you get these nice thick non- veined pieces of meat that give us perfect steaks all the time,” said Executive Chef Izzy Voirin about their beef flown in from a choice supplier in Chicago.

The gang of sides backing up the main steak, fish, lobster and lamb entrees are formidable too. Corn is taken fresh off the husk and polenta is added to create a cream corn side that’s in a word -- delish. Neither too sweet nor mushy, it’s worth trying. Their French fries -- mammoth pieces of potatoes that could be a meal in and of themselves -- and onion rings, are palatable sides the kid in you can appreciate. Dipped in Bailey’s vodka-spiked house-made ketchup, either option is a battered/fried meal of decadent indulgence.

If the devil is in the details, then Bailey’s lounge could easily exist as Lucifer’s den. Sanguine colored chandeliers hang above dark wood floors and Venetian lounge seating. Curved banquettes offer couples a cushy spot to enjoy live entertainment. Toward the back of the lounge is a ‘Black and Red’ room that’s akin to the sinister sister of the ‘Black and White’ room in the front of the restaurant.

As one diner put it, “I figure if Ed Bailey had a hand in it has to be good.” And we couldn’t agree more.

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Bailey's Prime Plus - Dallas Location
8160 Park Lane, Suite 130
Dallas, TX 75231

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