Police: Thieves Posed as High School Students

Gym bags and wallets stolen from Colleyville Heritage locker room.

Police said two women posed as students to steal items from a North Texas high school.

Investigators said gym bags, wallets and even prescription drugs were stolen from a locker room used by the dance team at Colleyville Heritage High School.

Police arrested Sarah Hemmelgarn, 18, and Michelle McQueeney, 17, on suspicion of theft. The women also face charges of possession of a controlled substance.

Police said cell phones, credit cards, debit cards and clothes were stolen. Student Samantha Strange said one cheerleader had her cheer outfits worth about $200 stolen.

Investigators said they suspect some of the stolen items were sold at a consignment shop near the high school.

Police said Hemmelgarn and McQueeney were able to blend in with the student body.

"You walk in with a group of kids -- you're 18, 19 years old -- you look like one of the students," Officer Bill Hudgins said. "What's the probability of you being spotted?"

Hemmelgarn told police she is a college student. McQueeney attends Grapevine High School.

Police picked up the two in a parking lot at Southlake Carroll High School. Investigators said they do not know if the women planned to target the school.

Police recommend that students put locks on their lockers.

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