Police: Robber is Arrested When He Returns to Scene

Officers couldn’t find suspect when he suddenly drives up

The arrest of a robbery suspect could serve as Lesson No. 1 for criminals: Don’t return to the scene of the crime once you get away.

Fort Worth police were interviewing a robbery victim Sunday when the suspect suddenly drove by, police said.

“The victim yelled out, ‘There they are,’” according to a police report on the incident.

Police had searched the area but couldn't find the robber. Officers were still talking to the victim who had called 911 when a gray Mercedes passed by, police said.

Officers jumped in their patrols cars and quickly pulled the car over, ordering the suspect out at gunpoint.

David Christopher Kaiser, 45, a passenger in the car, was arrested for aggravated robbery. The driver was questioned and released "pending further investigation."

The victim, a 42-year-old Fort Worth man, said he was walking north in the 1100 block of Riverside when Kaiser pulled up in the Mercedes and asked where he was going. 

The victim said Kaiser then pulled out a large black knife and demanded, “Give me everything you’ve got. I’ll kill you.”

The robber hit him in the face with his fists, the report said, and grabbed his wallet with more than $200 cash.

When officers arrested Kaiser, they found the knife the victim had described. The stolen wallet was in his front pocket, but the cash was missing.

The home address Kaiser gave to police is the Salvation Army homeless shelter on Lancaster Avenue.

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