Polaroid “Instant” Rises From the Dead

Polaroid to return to DFW marketplace in 2010

Some things do come back from the grave. Polaroid instant cameras and film for instance. The SX-70 style cameras and films that were first invented in 1948 by Dr. Edwin Land, are soon going to be making a "retro" comeback. 

Polaroid had to ditch the instant side of it's business when digital cameras began to outsell analog film cameras. They stopped production of the cameras and film in June 2008.

This was a camera system that was loved by artists and photographers the world over for it's iconic 4" x 4" square image format that gave a instant  image that could be also manipulated for wild looking artistic photos .   

Two companies; Summit Global, and The Impossible Project have acquired the rights and production equipment from Polaroid to begin making those beloved cameras again.

Summit Global will re-produce some of the iconic Polaroid Instant Cameras, and The Impossible Project will bring back the film.

Their mission, should they decide to accept it, and they have, is to develop a new product with new characteristics using new materials and a streamlined modern setup. They have to re-invent the film from scratch because many of the original essential components used for the film are not available anymore. The other challenge is to keep it cost effective.  

Look for the cameras and film to show up in stores like the hip Urban Outfitters in the first part of 2010.

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