Point, Click, Shop and Save!

A Plano-based online company is reaping the rewards of a bad economy by making shopping affordable for bargain hunters.

Dealtaker.com puts its partners -- 1,600 merchants nationwide that have coupons and discounts -- a click away from deal shoppers such as Janet Cloud and Staci Borynack.

The Frisco residents said they juggle work, family and the responsibility of managing their houshold budgets in the tough economy.

Neither woman likes clipping coupons much, but they are tech-savvy and spend time looking for bargains, occasionally online.

"I love to get a bargain, especially now," Borynack said.

Kevin Strawbridge, president of Plano-based Dealtaker.com said the women are not alone in their search.

"We see a lot of soccer moms," he said.

"In 2008, we referred just south of $100 million in referred sales out to retailers, and this year we expect that to grow significantly," Strawbridge said.

Dealtaker.com is riding the wave of a declining economy as well as growth in the popularity of online Web communities such as Myspace and Facebook.

"As they get together and share that information, it's no longer a curiosity, but it's a destination to be online," Strawbridge said.

Strawbridge said the site gets a commission for nearly each referred sale. With more than 180,000 registered users and 10 million visitors a year, so Dealtaker.com's growth is unlimited, he said.

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