Please Shut Up, Jerry

Terrell Owens remains a nuisance in Dallas, if only because Jerry Jones won't let go of his favorite ex

Another week is almost gone in Dallas and Jerry Jones and Terrell Owens are beginning to resemble more and more star-crossed lovers, two figures that were ultimately meant for each other, but were hindered by circumstances.

What a tragedy.
Jones lied; that is the basis of most of what Owens has said since packing his bags, and it’s probably true. There’s little doubt that Jones has lied, whether intentionally or otherwise, in the past, and that he’ll probably do it again.
The owner lied openly as recently as Thursday, when he insisted (again) that Owens was not cut due to chemistry issues.
Jones is a businessman; a successful one at that, and as much comes with the territory.
Owens, for all his seeming business savvy (workout book, “Getcha popcorn ready,” etc.) has come off, in my humble opinion, surprisingly naïve.
“The Player” may have been “lied to,” but to be sure, Owens’ knows the game, and the business of the game, far too well to put much stock in a smile and a handshake; particularly if those gestures come from one Jerry Jones.
The two could squabble until their throats were sore behind closed doors. But Jerry is doing his team a disservice in insuring that the lasting image of this off-season will be the fallout from their ultimately flawed relationship.
Saying openly that he listens to Owens’ remarks certainly doesn’t help the situation.
Jerry would do well to look back to his favorite ex-Cowboys’ past, and find the old clip of Owens’ agent, standing outside of his palatial home in Philadelphia.
As Drew Rosenhaus did those years ago, so should Jerry put the kibosh on the subject with a simple, polite “Next question.”
No fuss, no muss.
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