PHOTOS: Watch Your Step! Snake Season in Full Swing

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Matt Morris
Matt Morris' neighbor in Midlothian was bitten on the hand by a copperhead May 3 while reaching for tools in his tool box.
Matt Morris
Matt Morris of Midlothian helped remove a copperhead snake from his neighbor’s toolbox.
Matt Morris
Matt Morris in Midlothian says his neighbor appeared to have a non-serious “dry bite.”
Crowley, Texas. Not sure what kind of snake this is.
Jack E Ridgeway
I gave the snake the name “No. 4” as it was the fourth rat snake caught inside our chicken coup in a week. Caught two Saturday and this snake yesterday. Put them inside pillow cases for safe, secure transport. Released them a couple of miles away hoping that is far enough to keep them from returning. If cornered, rat snakes will strike. No fangs. Serrated teeth that can break the skin. Because rat snakes eat eggs, the potential of transferring bacteria from a raw egg is a danger. Therefore, the lineman gloves. Typically a docile and curiosity seeking snake. George, the Great Dane, smelled the snake and determined it wasn’t a threat to him. The other Great Dane, Daisy, left the area rapidly not wanting any part of me holding the snake.
Patricia Beach
Snake in Alvarado
Patricia Beach
Snake in Alvarado
Shawn Poe
Found this guy while doing yard work. It was about 2ft. Left him alone went around back and there he was all stretched out.
Ronald R Wilson
I was walking on trail behind elementary school in Robinson Ridge community and I almost walked into this snake in McKinney.
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