Peek Inside Rock Stars' Pads

See Sting's bedroom, Lenny Kravitz's sex lair, and more cribs bought with mad MTV money

In the old days (like, the '70s), "rocker lair" suggested a kind of Jim Morrison/Janis Joplin seediness -- basements littered with guitars, hash pipes, incense, and empty bottles of Jim Beam. Sid and Nancy spiraling down at the Chelsea. Or acid-trip-level insanity <coughEltonJohncough>. But nowadays, we have InStyle magazine and E! and all of a sudden, rock and roll apparently calls for upscale appliances, one-of-a-kind couches, and layered window treatments. It demands décor.

Dig, if you will, the pictures in this gallery Asylum's assembled of rock star homes and other places to which various music celebs have leant their "design sense" -- for better or (much) worse. Highlights: Dave Navarro takes "stainless steel kitchen" to a whole new level, David Bowie models his getaway on an "Indonesian temple" (for real?), Sting's Nawlins bordello bedroom is borderline NSFW, and Lenny Kravitz's sleeping cave… wait, is that tinfoil on the ceiling? Lenny, honey, are the aliens trying to steal your thoughts?

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