Peace Out Pacman

The loud roar you heard around the metroplex yesterday was the media cheering over the release of Adam "Pacman" Jones. Let me be as blunt as possible. This guy was an idiot. Plain and simple. He's a thug that has no business making millions of dollars to play a game. He was given a number of chances to correct his behavior. And when he didn't, and was caught, he blamed everyone else but himself. He got on this whole, "it's the media's fault" kick. That is a direct indication of his stupidity.

Granted he wasn't to blame for all of the Cowboys misfortune this year. But not having him around for that month after he was suspended AGAIN was great. Pacman created trouble in the locker room, and did nothing on the field. Congratulations to Jerry Jones for finally doing something that makes sense.

Peace out Pacman!

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