Outdoor Skating Heats Up Frisco Square

Rink claims to be the only one of its kind in North Texas

Frisco Square has quickly become a holiday hot spot this season with the addition of Lights on Ice Skating Rink.

“Two days in a row, there are people waiting in line,” said Sarah Sullivan.

In its first year of operation, the rink has found no shortage of skaters.

Sullivan says for the past two Saturdays, they’ve had more than 700 customers each day.

The rink’s claim to fame is its assertion to be the only outdoor skating facility with real ice in the DFW area.

It takes a 150 ton chiller to keep it cold.

“There are synthetics, but this is ice. It’s the real deal,” said Sullivan.

Its presence is also heating up business for restaurants in the area.

Local business owner Steve Heeg says the rink has been fantastic for foot traffic at his sandwich shop.

“We’re just glad they chose this location,” he said.

The rink will be open until January 8. It sits in Frisco Square, just off of Main Street.

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