Oscar Fierro Dishes on “Fashion Star”

Fierro selling his designs on his website

A Lewisville man made a splash on NBC's "Fashion Star" before he was voted off the reality show last week

Oscar Fierro owns and runs four assisted-living facilities in Lewisville and, in his words, "dabbles in design." At 4-feet-11-inches tall, Fierro isn't short of personality, success or confidence.

"I'm not going to lie to you -- I think I am freaking fabulous," said Fierro.

He said fans can count on seeing him again, because offers for TV shows are rolling in.

"I am not ashamed to tell people that I want to be famous," he said. "I want to be famous. I am ready for that. Like I said, on television, you either have it or you don't, and I have it."

One particular dress design got Fierro booted from the reality show. Retail buyers didn't bite, and the celebrity mentors didn't save him, but Fierro said customers had a different reaction to his dress.

"[I] personally believe this is a great dress, and many viewers agreed by going to OscarFierro.net and buying it," said Fierro."We are talking about people from all over the country buying like crazy -- sometimes not just one piece, but two and three pieces at a time."

Fierro offers his designs for evening gowns as well as men's and women's clothing on his website.

He said his only regret from "Fashion Star" is the way he feels he was portrayed.

"The first and second episode failed miserably to show who I am as a person," Fierro said. "People need to know that I am not the crybaby that I am made out to be."

Fierro said "Fashion Star's" celebrity mentors "are divas."

"Before each show, there was an army around Jessica Simpson. There was an army around Nicole Ritchie," said Fierro. "[They were] monitoring every move the little hair made. Every sweat that came out of their pores were immediately (claps)."

And Fierro had nice things to say about hostess Elle McPherson.

"She's super, super hot," said Fierro. "You can see her wrinkles when you get close to her, but it's part of aging. She's aging well."

More: OscarFierro.net

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