Oncor Sending Crews, Resources to Florida and Georgia in Aftermath of Hurricane Michael

Just weeks after they sent crews to the east coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, Oncor is once again answering the call for help.

Thursday morning, more than 100 crew members and dozens of their trucks left their service center in Mesquite and headed for Florida and Georgia to help restore power following Hurricane Michael

Hundreds of thousands in that region are without power.

"One company can't cope with over half a million outages like we're seeing right now," said Jen Myers, spokesperson for Oncor. "So we're coming to help."

Once the Oncor crews arrive, they'll primarily be helping to clear debris from power lines and replace damaged power poles and lines.

Myers says at the very least they'll be there several days. But depending on how bad the damage is, their trip could extend into weeks.

"The idea is to connect utilities all across the country as a support system, so that when things like Hurricane Michael happen, wind storms, tornadoes that we can send assistance to those people," said Myers. "If something happens on our home turf, we also have that support system and they can come help us."

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