OMG, Edward Cullen, You're So Hot Right Now

Crowds gather to meet "Twilight" actor

A swarm of girls stood outside Galleria Dallas as early as 1 a.m. for a chance to meet Robert Pattinson, the actor who plays Edward Cullen in "Twilight," the film based on the super-hyper-extremely popular book series of the same name.

The first 500 of those lucky fans to get through the doors and buy a Twilight tour t-shirt at (where else?) Galleria's Hot Topic store got a wristband allowing them to meet Pattinson.

Funny thing about that - Hot Topic opens at 6 a.m. -- Pattinson wasn't scheduled to show up until 6 p.m. Add in the extra five hours to be first in line, and that's a 17-hour wait to get an autograph.

Carla Lyon said her daughters skipped sleeping and braved the overnight storms to wait in line.

"Since April, I've been hearing about Twilight, so I thought it was the one thing I could do for them this year," she said. "It's an early Christmas gift."

"Twilight," the movie based on the first book of the teen vampire series, opens Friday.

In San Francisco, a similar event mutated into a mob that had fans beaten and bloodied to get into the Stonestown Galleria. One girl even broke her nose.

Wow, "Twilight" fans are hardcore.

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