Old Wood Made New Again

Couple creates custom coolers out of old fences

A Denton County couple found new life for their storm-damaged fence: custom coolers on wheels.

"Our fence was not all that strong, and a really strong storm did the whole thing it.  And we tore it down and made a cooler," said Gina Fuentez.  

Well, it wasn't quite that simple.

Gina's husband Alex Fuentez told her he could build something with that downed fence. She doubted it, but came home from a trip and there it was -- the old fence was built into a three-foot high box on wheels with a cooler sitting inside and a drain hose attached.

"My neighbor tore down her fence down. So, how convenient was that?  We'll take it," recalled Fuentez. The couple turned their garage into "Gepetto's workshop" and cranked out coolers.

They decided an iron horned toad would be their special touch, and Horn Toad Coolers was born.   

"We do like the iron stuff. It goes well with the rustic," Fuentez explained. "We don't want things too new or fancy."

The Fuentez's coolers come on wheels with side handles, bottle opener and drainage. Customers can request a specific theme.  Most choose sports teams,  favorite beverages or Texas pride for the designs.

"Texas and rustic is a marriage.  It goes so good together," she tells us.

The Fuentez's sell their Horn Toad Coolers at crafts fairs or through special order.   They're $150 each.   Reach Alex and Gina Fuentez at 972-355-0813 or afuentez@verizon.net.

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