Nov. 11’s Mad Dash to the Altar

Couples wed on Friday's "lucky" day

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Some North Texas couples rushed to tie the knot on Friday's "lucky" date.

An 11-11-11 date only comes around every 100 years, and numerology suggests it's lucky.

More than 30 couples jumped the broom at the Tarrant County courthouse on Nov. 11, 2011, including Levi and Tiffany Smith.

"Eleven-11 -- it's supposed to be lucky on your clock, right?" Tiffany Smith said. "Don't people make wishes when they see 11:11?"

She and her husband met eight years ago, when he was stationed in the Navy in Atlanta.

Newly married Sherlessia and Darren Halls said their wedding date has an added bonus.

"I heard someone else say that since it's on 11-11, and it's usually a holiday and most places are closed, he can't wait until [the] last minute to shop for an anniversary present," Sherlessia Halls joked.

And if the lucky theory is true, no one is luckier than the six couples who wed at exactly 11:11 a.m.

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