North Texas Garden Business in Full Bloom

Cristina's Flowers in Plano is in full bloom. Not the flowers, but the business.

"We're doing more business than normal for this time of year, we're actually tremendously busy." said Kelsey London, the general manager at Cristina's Flowers

The store's owner said he did six million dollars in business last year. This year, he expects to do more, as more and more experienced green thumbs and first time gardners venture to try and grow things.

Karin Kuglin stopped by to get her garden ready for the growing season. She's planning on growing plenty of vegetables.

"Last year I grew zucchini, green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, asparagus and corn." Kuglin said.

Kuglin is part of a growing list of North Texans starting gardens for the enjoyment and to save money.

"Last year, I didn't buy anything for salads for a month and a half." Kuglin said.

Kelsey London says depending on the size of the garden, gardeners can save money on fruits, vegetables and herbs they grow at home.

"You don't have to go to the store every time you need a tomato or basil for your salad or marinara sauce. You have it out in the garden." said Kelsey London. "And it tastes better and you know where it came from."

Kelsey said his customers are also buying more flowers. He noticed a spike in the flower sales, and asked several customers why.

"Several of them told me that instead of going on vacation, they were going to plant the flowers in their backyard and make their backyard look nice. That way, they'll enjoy their surroundings more instead of going on a vacation." London said.

"In this economy, I think more people are interested in spending time outside with the work they've created in their yard." London added.

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