North Texans Watch British Royals Say I Do

North Texans Celebrate British Vows

They may not have gotten an invitation, but that's not stopping some North Texans from celebrating the royal wedding. Watch parties are expected all across the Dallas-Fort Worth area Gay Donnell is having one in her Preston Hollow home.

"You know this doesn't come around that often so it was a great opportunity to bring friends together and I decided to test my friend’s mettle by having the party at 4:30 a.m.," she said.

Twenty-one of Donnell’s closest friends are attending her PJ's and pearls party. Party expert, Steve Kemble says her theme is brilliant. Kemble says having a party that will impress your guests, takes only a few ingredients.

"Some of the things that you want to consider having are some little trinkets, anything that you have from England," Kemble said.

Donnell already had some British china and framed photos of the royal couple. Kemble also suggests flower arrangements, preferably with white lilies, since those will be in Kate’s crest, and "Princess Diana roses," for obvious reasons.

Finally, Kemble says don’t forget the bubbly. “I usually use half champagne and half orange juice," he said.

Donnell says she has all of those things and then some, because she wants her party to be the bees knees.

"This is the girls' Super Bowl, so we're all over it, we're going to have lots of commentary and fun and friendship and togetherness while we watch this great occasion," she said.

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