No Must-Have Toys This Season

Cabbage Patch Kids, Furbies,  Elmo, every season seems to have a must-have toy -- that certain something parents will do anything or pay anything to put under the tree. Not this year.

The must-have toy is the one you can afford.

At a North Dallas Walmart, shopper Lola Boyd said, "This year we're doing it a little differently because it's kind of rough financially."  She will buy only one item for a family "white elephant" gift exchange.

Walmart spokesperson Daniel Morales says the message from customers is clear, "What they are telling us is they're looking for values this year."

Walmart has dedicated part of the front of its stores to a section of toys selling for $5, $10 and $20.

Retailing experts say there's another trend that always emerges when money is tight,  classic toys remain strong sellersm and dolls, board games and toy cars are still doing well.

"Those are coming on really strong this year because of their value," Morales said.

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