No Goats, No Glory for Local Cheesemaker

You might say Anne Jones' mentality was "no goats, no glory," when she gave up her corporate job to start a farm.

"I decided life was too short to be sitting in airports," Jones says.

"I started out with just two goats just for us to have milk and play with cheesemaking, and I was really enjoying that," Jones explained.

What started as hobby turned into a victory for the amateur cheesemaker -- she won a best in show award at a cheese competition.

Her hobby quickly became a burgeoning business; with over 30 goats in her herd, Latte da Dairy was born.

"I love cheese. I love animals. So it kind of seemed like a natural fit," Jones says.

At the center of the operation are what Jones lovingly calls her dairy divas. Rosie and Serenity started the herd, but now Jones has some more famous names.

"We have Jackie Yonassis and we have Michelle Yobama, so we have a lot of fun with some of those names," Jones joked. "We get very very attached to them and they are really such sweet gentle personalities.

The herd is fed all-natural food, which makes for great tasting goat cheese. Latte da Dairy's final product ends up in several local restaurants and four local Central Market stores.

"It's very popular," Justin Anderson with Central Market said. "She makes a great product. She's got different varieties and we really love to showcase her stuff."

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