Nick & Sam's Grill Opens

Stakes are high as first week sizzles.

If the first week of business foretells the future success of Nick & Sam’s Grill, the future is bright. Its prime spot on the corner of Fairmount and Cedar Springs was packed in its first week.

Undoubtedly some of the overflow -- drippings from its Daddy steakhouse a few blocks down the avenue -- helped make the place hoppin’.

Fan spillage from Nick & Sam’s aside, it’s hard not to feel for a restaurant so slammed in its infant stage. Then again, owners Phil Romano and Joe Palladino aren't known for limping into anything and Executive Chef/partner Samir Dhurandhar can definitely stand the heat in his kitchen.

But don’t expect to order everything off the menu just yet. Only menu items in the red, so-to-speak, are offered. This means diners can ask for signature dishes such as Kobe beef sliders, Mac N’ Cheese, a taco salad or New York strip steak if its written in red on the menu.

Guests who prefer to bet on black will just have to wait until the eatery works out its kinks.

The fickle 500's Interests will peak in Nick & Sam’s Grill as it forays into mini-chain status. Opening up a new restaurant is always a gamble, and the stakes are high. But from the looks of it  … Nick & Sam’s Grill is going to come out on top.

Dress Code: Classy casual (wearing scrubs if you’re not in the medical profession is for scrubs) -- Ladies, pump it up with some heels if you’re wearing dark denim jeans. Some cleavage is acceptable, but not the entire sides of the mountains. Gentlemen, attempt to coordinate ... even if it’s with your shirt to the label on the beer in your hand.

Nick & Sam's Grill
2816 Fairmount

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