Grow Your Own, Part II

If you've been keeping up with my oh-so-exciting life, then you know I love to garden. My favorite thing to grow is vegetables! I don't know why - maybe it's the thriftiness in me! I really enjoy doing it and I almost always start from seed. This is a picture of my current squash plants..they are absolutely huge! For size - each leaf is about twice the size of my hand. Amazing since I only planted the seends about 6 weeks ago!

You can't quite see them, but I have some cucumber plants in the back & some okra in the front. I'm afraid the squash plants have just about taken over the entire bed so I'm going to have to transplant those poor Okra plants soon!

If you haven't quite decided on whether you're willing to try vegetable gardening yet, you're not too late! I have so much fun seeing my little seeds turn into monster plants & "reaping what I sow". Is that corny?

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