It's Official: Casey Thompson Top Chef of Brownstone

Casey Thompson returns to North Texas as Executive Chef of Fort Worth's Brownstone restaurant. (Press releases went out Thursday, for news we told you about in January.)

Way back in Top Chef's third season, Thompson, formerly of Dallas' Shinsei, became the fan favorite to win the series.

She had been spending her time on the west coast -- something we took mighty offense to last July -- but now, you'll see the Top Chef finalist in Fort Worth serving up southern hospitality.

Thompson's business partner Sam Sameni explained the concept for Brownstone to in January. "We want our customers to feel like they’re attending a dinner or cocktail party in someone’s home," says Sameni. "We don’t want this to feel like a restaurant."

Brownstone's 5,046 square foot space at 840 Currie Street in Fort Worth's West 7th development will feature an open-air patio, dining room, private dining room, intimate library and a bar.

Brownstone Restaurant & Lounge will open in early May 2010.

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