New Thai Restaurant To Open In Victory Park

After last year's mass exodus of many of the eateries from Victory Park, former restaurateur, Jeffrey Yarbrough has teamed up with Tom Chawana (Nandina), Lam Promwanrat (Jasmine) and Kitti Lirtpanaruk (Spice Thai Restaurant group) to bring a Thai restaurant, Naga Thai Kitchen and Bar, to VP. From the press release:

“Naga Thai Kitchen and Bar will serve traditional Thai cuisine with rich, exotic and distinctive flavors that appeal to both the Thai food connoisseur and those new to the cuisine.  Naga’s interior is modern and upscale featuring abstract light features, marble tables and cozy booths. The menu boasts a variety of well-executed Thai dishes with a focus on value.

Guest’s favorite appetizers and soups like steamed dumplings and Tom-Yum soup can be found for $5.

Most entrees come with your choice of chicken, beef, tofu or veggie for $11 including a Ginger Dish made with white mushrooms, asparagus, carrot, ginger and scallions; or a classic Green Curry with bamboo shoots, eggplant, bell peppers and green peas in coconut green curry.

Liberty Noodle and past Chef Annie Wong fans will notice a few of their favorite dishes appearing on the Naga menu like the famous Spicy Noodle dish. 

Naga will also feature an exceptional bar offering an extensive Mojito menu and well appointed beer and wine lists. Naga will serve both lunch and dinner Monday thru Friday and dinner only Saturday and Sunday. Weekends will have live music by local DJ’s and a late night bar menu.”

Naga Thai Kitchen and Bar will open later this month.

Naga Thai Kitchen and Bar
669 High Market St
(Victory Park)

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