New Steakhouse to Take Nana Space at Anatole

Sēr steakhouse will replace Nana

Nana at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas is set to close June 9, but the hotel already has its replacement waiting in the wings.

Taking over the Nana space will be a steakhouse titled Sēr. But calling it "sir," would be a little too formal -- the acutal pronounciation for the accented title is "sear," like what you do to meat.

There will be meat, of course, with the press release detailing "prime cuts of the finest beef" for the dishes "that will clearly differentiate [Sēr] as a new style of Dallas steakhouse."

One thing that will stay the same is the confusion over how to pronounce the name -- it took us a while to figure out if Nana was said like your grandma or like this eerily well-timed song.

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