New Program Offers Incentives to Recycle

Forget all the excuses you may have come up with to not recycle -- the city of Carrollton is now offering a little perk to help reduce trash in landfills.

Residents are collecting reward points based on how much they recycle. The points are calculated based on the weight of the trash homeowners have collected.

"Basically, we make it simple and convenient  for them to do this," said Lisa Pomerantz, of Recyclebank. "We work with Allied Waste out here in Carrollton; they supplied everyone out here with a cart as big as me. You fill it up all week long -- no more sorting."

The points can be turned into coupons and gift cards.

"You can get savings at grocery stores, movie tickets," Pomerantz said. "You can go to the theater, you can travel, and you can even donate your points to local schools and nonprofit organizations."

Carrollton is the first city in Texas to implement the Recyclebank program. Mayor Ronald Branson said he feels it is just the right thing to do for the environment.

"In France, we have something called lagniappe, which means a little something extra," said Stanley LeBlanc, a Carrollton resident. "This is like lagniappe, or icing on the cake."

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