New Pie Guys Give Pizza to Campers

Pizza Inn, which is headquartered in North Texas, just opened their latest pizza endeavor in the West 7th neighborhood of Fort Worth. They're calling the new concept Pie Five Pizza Co., and offering more than five million pizza combinations baked in less than five minutes.

Pizza lovers pick a 9-inch pie with customizable sauce and toppings, then get the personal-sized pies baked in super cooking ovens while they slide to the check out.

While that sounds like a good enough reason to check out the location the next time we're in West 7th, something struck us odd about this opening compared to most new eateries. Maybe it was the campers.

Early Friday morning, the new pie place had people camped out to be one of the first 50 in the door -- so they could win free pizza for a year. We've seen a lot of tents in lines recently, especially on In-N-Out's opening day, but this prize seems to be the biggest we've seen for just showing up first to a dining establishment.

Luckily, even if you haven't won the free pizza prize, there are other reasons to show up in the first couple weeks -- from now through June 30, diners will get a free pizza for every one purchased, plus the location will donate $1 to the Tarrant Area Food Bank.

This is the initial location of the new concept, which plans to grow the brand up to 100 locations a year.

Pie Five Pizza Co.
2600 W. 7th Street in Montgomery Plaza
Fort Worth, TX

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