New Italian: Nicola

At the risk of invoking a tired cliché, no two gnocchi are the same at Ristorante Nicola (pronounced knee-CO-la) in Dallas.

Most Italians identify themselves regionally before all else, and Chef Luigi Iannuario is no different.

His pride in where he comes from reflects his culinary approach of cooking authentic Italian fare.

“Under Chef Luigi’s guidance, we’ve developed a fantastic menu comprised of old world recipes handed down through centuries of Italian cookery,” said owner Richard Gussoni.

In spite of regional differences, Italian food in general is often characterized as being flexible and innovative, building itself on a model of theme and variation.

Thus describing the cuisine at Nicola perfectly.

“I keep it simple and just follow the authentic recipes and do right once and forever. Too many chefs play around with the ingredients too much, and mess it up,” said Iannuario when asked why it’s so hard to find really good Italian food in Dallas.

Fabulous décor will offset any trepidation about trying something new. Diners won’t see a thickly varnished mural of Mount Vesuvius inside or red-checkered tablecloths.

Nicola is an upscale, grown up restaurant with simple, substantial entrees served in a nice setting.

Nice and new, just like we like it.

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