New Exercise Machine Mimics Running, Biking, Elliptical


People are always looking for new ways to keep their new year's resolution to exercise more and some are finding it in the ElliptiGO 8S. The new exercise machine is part elliptical machine, part bicycle and simulates running -- and it's transforming people's outdoor workout experience.

"The ElliptiGO is the world's first outdoor elliptical bike," Bryce Whiting, the company's chief enthusiast, said. "You can raise or lower the steering column height. It folds down and now it's able to fit in any SUV and a lot of other vehicles."

The cross-training device puts you in a running position. So you're standing, not sitting, and gliding across the pavement, not pounding it.

"I think it's that pounding. It's that repetitive striking of the foot to the ground, which causes issues with ankles and knees and hips," said Whiting.

Those are just the types of problems some North Texans wanted to avoid when they bought their own ElliptiGO.

"I love to get outdoors and exercise and was a bike rider for a long time but bad knees from arthritis and a bad back," said Ted Arps, of Plano.

Mel Wittmaack, of Richardson, said he "could no longer run because of a knee injury."

Cruising speed is about 15 miles per hour, but you can go up to 25 miles an hour on level ground. If the weather outside is less than pleasant, you can mount the ElliptiGO indoors on a stationary bike trainer and ride in place.

The ElliptiGO works similar muscles as running -- the legs, core, and to a lesser extent, the arms.

"Back when I would run, I'd get up in the morning and feel all achy and in pain. Don't have that anymore," said Wittmaack.

"It's kind of fun watching people's reaction when they see you on this thing. I get two words all the time: 'That's cool,'" said Arps.

An ElliptiGO costs about $2,500 and at this time the only place to get it in North Texas is at the  Richardson Bike Mart.

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