New Concepts From Loft 610, Del Frisco's Owners

Established restaurateurs set their sights (and sites) on Highland Park Village and Cowboys Stadium.

Lofty Goals

Loft 610 owner Brian Twomey is set to pull a one-two punch in Highland Park Village by managing operations and renovations for the currently vacant Village Theatre space and adding a new restaurant and lounge called "The Marquee Club" next to and above the classic cinema.

If it seems complicated, it is. Twomey's e-mail to Dallas Morning News editor Christopher Wynn clarifies what's being done to the space. (Read the full post here)

Tre Wilcox, executive chef at Twomey's Loft 610, will be collaborating on the new restaurant, as Wilcox sort of mentioned to us in our interview with him last October. In addition, we'd guess Wilcox might have some say in what bites you could order from the theatre's renovated menu -- though that make just be us dreaming of a Top Chef's gourmet grub during a feature film.

Del Frisco No Mo

Del Frisco's co-founder Dee Lincoln is stepping down from the steak house chain (which battled for our Best Steakhouse Golden Local last year) to "create and expand new national restaurant and wine concepts," including a concept in Cowboys Stadium.

Dee Lincoln's Tasting Room & Bubble Bar, has been entertaining Cowboys fans since the opening of the stadium, but Dallas and Fort Worth expansions of the brand are in the works.

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