Need Them Now Gadgets

We found three "need them now" gadgets that could just change our lives forever

Greg Wolos/Generate Design

HAMBURGERS!: Though mousepads haven't been a fixture on our desk for a long time, we may change our tune when this Hamburger mousepad and USB handwarmer arrives in the mail. For only $14, you can have a burger on hand at all times with this large, soft, and hand-warmingly odd desk attraction. Make sure you don't wash you hands after a trip to Wendy's for lunch, and you'll have the real burger smell on the mousepad in no time.

BEARS!: This talking Bluetooth bear works like a Teddy Ruxpen for your cell phone, making the bear look like he's saying the words! We can't wait to get calls from telemarketers or ex-girlfriends that want to demean us, just so our only comforting, snuggly friend can tell us "You were never right for me." Thanks, Bluetooth talking bear! Check out the demo video below to see why we just can't live without it.

ALARM!: Nothing says "I'm a true go getter" than this wall mounted alarm clock designed to easily be read sideways while you're laying in bed. We're surprised they're only charging $129 for this brushed alumninum and walnut wood clock that doesn't have any functions beyond an alarm.

Note: You may have noticed none of these gadgets are truly "need them now" -- but, boy, they might be fun gifts for friends, family, or ex-girlfriends you want to scare.

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