NBC 5's Lindsay Wilcox Out in First Round of WWF Tourney

D Magazine hosts Words With Friends tourney

Update: As predicted, I did not advance to round two of the D Magazine WWF tournament.

Rich Goff proved to be a tough competitor and despite my best attempt, he beat me 357-343. However, that's a personal best score for me, so I feel pretty good about the whole thing!

Like so many other things, I was first introduced to Words With Friends on an assignment for work. Early one morning, my photographer and I headed up to the developer's office in McKinney to try and understand why so many people -- including most of my co-workers -- are hooked on the iPhone app that has been, so far, downloaded more than 4 million times. 

For part of our story, I played my very first WWF game with one of the company's founders. That's how I got hooked.

I made it clear from the start -- I didn't expect to win the D Magazine tournament. In fact, I was going to consider myself lucky if I advanced beyond the first round.

I am a passive WWF player who typically plays her tiles while waiting for an interview, or between playdates and swim lessons with my daughter.

However, I'm extremely competitive. Knowing how many eyes are on this tournament, I stepped up my game and tried to score every double-letter, triple score word possible, but it wasn't enough to beat Goff.

Here's the 411 on my first competitor:

Opponent: Rich Goff
Occupation: Promotions manager for WFAA-TV since 1999 who has spent the last three months focusing on his WWF skills. 

Goff now goes on to play the winner of the first-round game between Dallas Mavericks coach Popeye Jones and automotive marketing specialist Julie Saathoff of Lakewood.

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