National “We're Over It” Day

Okay, this is getting ridiculous.

We've previously mentioned many faux-lidays including National Cupcake Day, National Taco Day, National Coffee Day, National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, National Donut Day, and other food-themed fake holidays.

Not to mention the National Running Day, National Underwear Day, National Bike to Work Day, and even National Unfriending Day.

A quick Google search even picks up entire websites devoted to chronicling the ridiculous made-up holidays and trying to find out some origin behind them.

But, to us, the constant barrage of "National _______ Day" e-mails are becoming less of a silly way for companies to promote their wares and more of a nonsensical addition to a crowded calendar of actual events.

Take, for instance, the e-mail about National S'Mores Day, which is celebrated on Aug. 10.

What do you do for National S'Mores Day? Eat a S'more, or, as Sundown at Granada suggests, drink a "Sundown S'Mores Dessert Shot -- a chilled chocolate cream vodka shot with a graham cracker rim along with a table-side toasted marshmallow."

Okay, that sounds delicious. But do we need a whole day for it?

Or how about National Bowling Day on Aug. 11?

Dozens of bowling alleys in the DFW area are offering a free coupon for a game of bowling on Though we love free stuff, a self-proclaimed "national" day celebrating a singular food item or activity makes us worry.

What will be the next salvo in the barrage of faux-lidays? National Wind Your Watch Day? National Call Your Grandmother Day? National Write About Made-Up Holidays Day?

Once we reach 365 unique holidays, will it end? Or will Christmas also be National Wrapping Paper Recylcing Day as well? Could Thanksgiving double up with National Cranberry Sauce Day?

Let's just call today National We're Over It Day.

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