National Soccer Hall of Fame Officially Opens in Frisco

Frisco, nicknamed Sports City USA, is already home to the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars, Frisco Rough Riders, and FC Dallas.

Saturday, the city added one more name to its lineup: The National Soccer Hall of Fame.

It’s located in Toyota Stadium.

Walking distance away is a business that couldn’t be in a better position to benefit.

Soccer City Frisco sells everything you need to take the field.

Co-owner Todd Hightower bought the place two years ago.

“Frisco has really, honestly turned into a soccer mecca,” Hightower said.

In addition to FC Dallas fans, his store gets packed with youth soccer players.

Local clubs are among the largest in the nation.

“It’s unreal the participation of kids in soccer and it’s all right here in a 20 mile radius,” he said.

As a lifelong soccer player, for Hightower, having the Soccer Hall of Fame here is a personal and professional win.

“It’s kind of overwhelming thinking that the Soccer Hall of Fame is going to be here,” Hightower said.

Saturday’s ribbon-cutting ceremony marks the official opening for $39 million project. It’s a public-private partnership among FC Dallas, the City of Frisco, the Frisco Independent School District and the U.S. Soccer Federation.

Inside you'll find game treasures dating back to the 1800's, tributes to the greats and an interactive museum to inspire the mind. It also added 3,000 premium seats on the field and a specialty retail space.

"All of America has heard of Canton, they've heard of Cooperstown, and now you have Frisco, Texas as the top three cities, top there sports and where their hall of fame is located,” said Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney.

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