Nancy Gonzalez Talks Texas and Textures

Luxe handbags by Nancy Gonzalez are favorites among Dallas' most stylish set, not to mention the Columbian designer of the eponymous label is as charming as the gorgeous bags she makes.

Gonzalez and her son, Santiago,  were in town recently to show her Spring line at Neiman Marcus, and we caught up with them during their busy trunk show at Northpark Center. We also checked out this season's brightly colored  alligator, python, and lizard bags that are the label's signature, and we're dishing on our favorite bags and what we learned about the Gonzalez's Texas tastes.

NBCDFW: What's your favorite bag from Spring 2011?

Nancy Gonzalez: "It would be like picking a favorite child! I can't do it. But the combination bags with the straw and the skins I love, and the oversized clutches are amazing. I'm carrying a purple one today."

NBCDFW: Fill me in on the men's line you launched recently; we hear it's major!

Santiago Gonzalez: "Yes! We just launched Santiago Gonzalez last November, and we just had the line at market here earlier in the week."

N.G.: "The line is stunning, absolutely. It's also focused on skins, but it's all about men's carryalls, accessories, and even iPad cases. Everything." 

S.G.: "The colors are still really important and bold, but fewer brights than the women's line. And the bags are based on pieces I owned and travel with myself; things I can't live without. We made the best backpack this season; it's my favorite."

NBCDFWSpeaking of the great colors and skins you use, which comes first in terms of designing - the shape of the bag or the texture of skin you use? And what's your favorite shade from this collection?

N.G.: "It's all together, really. The shape, the skin, the stitching all happens simultaneously when I'm creating. My favorites are always whatever is new, because I love the challenge of finding a new way to work the skin over a handle or playing with mixed textures like the straw combinations."

S.G.: "And you always like the brights, usually."

N.G.: "Yes, but my favorite color is blue. Anything blue. Especially navy."

NBCDFW: What can we expect to see from you for the Fall collection?

N.G.:  "Fur, wild fur! Lots of fox, and messy, undone fur in the collection. I adore it, and it's too warm where I live to wear much fur, so this is a good way to have it."

NBCDFW: What are your must-see places in Dallas when you visit?

S.G.: "The Fort Worth Modern we always try to see. Their wonderful director just gave us a special tour yesterday, actually. That museum is one of my favorite in the world; just beautiful."

N.G.: "We never miss the Modern, and I always want to see my Dallas friends. Seeing Betty Lidji from Neiman Marcus Downtown is always the highlight of our trip; she is one of my good friends, and I look forward to seeing her always."

The label will conclude their trip to Dallas with a private luncheon today at Neiman Marcus' Downtown location, and you can shop Nancy Gonzalez online or at any of the Neiman Marcus stores in the metroplex. Stanley Korshak also carries Gonzalez bags.

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