My Thoughts On Michael Jackson’s Passing

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All I can say is I grew up on Michael Jackson's music.  He was the first singer that I could not get enough of.  He died at the age of 50.
My dad had all the Jackson 5 records and his new material as a solo artist. 
Michael's album Music and Me may be the most underrated work he's ever done as a solo artist.  The song Up Again is one of my all time favorites.
He had 13 #1 hits.  Here are the best.
Like most, I thought he became a self conscious person who developed some very weird habits later in his personal life.  The lack of never having a childhood lead to his trouble soul.
I do believe he had an attraction for young boys.  He never had little girls over for sleep overs and you never saw him take girls to award shows.  He was never accused of molesting little girls, just little boys.  The tag "Wacko Jacko" seemed to fit.
As a parent, I find that disgusting, and I was one of many who became turned me off by his trials and controversies with boys.
But as comedian Dave Chappelle said in a great skit from Chappelle's Show about Jackson's innocence, "...but he made Thriller."
You better believe I still love his music and I am sad he passed away.  I will remember the good things he did in life and for others like We Are The World.

Newy Scruggs
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