My Take On The Cowboys Wacky Draft And Other Media Grades On The Mess

I see the Cowboys draft and right now it doesn't pass the eyeball test.  You know, it doesn't look real pleasing to the eye right now.  I just can't get excited about the draft picks. Sorry.  Watch my videoblog on the 2009 draft here.
Across the country the Cowboys are getting hammerd.
This is from Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN wrote this:
The Big D gets a D this year. They didn't get a lot of top-end talent due in part to their not having a pick until the third round, but they then went out and reached on Jason Williams and Robert Brewster. Victor Butler is a decent pick, as is Brandon Williams, but I'm not enamored with any of their later picks. They got players that could help them in terms of depth, but no one who is going to really strengthen this football team.
Dallas freezing when Seattle took Max Unger and Cleveland chose Mohamed Massaquoi in the second round. The Cowboys wanted them. They weren't there. So they choked, passing on the pick before trading it away. We measure players by how they produce in the clutch when their options are limited and when something, anything, is demanded. Maybe it's time we start measuring front offices that way, too.
And he threw in a zinger at the Cowboys war room for not being prepared:
. Maybe the league should make an exception for the Dallas Cowboys and award them an extra five minutes before their first draft pick ... you know, just to allow them to get their act together. I've seen less confusion at Penn Station at rush hour.
Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News posted his grade of a C:
After inexplicably opting out of the first day, the Cowboys finished strong with some solid second-day selections. Brewster gives the Cowboys insurance at guard and tackle. Hamlin, Mickens and Smith bolster the secondary.
Don Banks of did like the pick of QB Stephen McGee in the 4th round:
I really think the Cowboys made a wise move in making Texas A&M's Stephen McGee the fourth quarterback taken in this year's draft, with the first pick of the fourth round (101st overall).
I look at McGee as sort of the Matt Cassel of this year's draft. Due to a torn labrum in his shoulder, he didn't play all that much in 2008 (three starts, six games total), which is usually a death sentence when it comes to creating any draft interest. But give McGee a couple years and let's see what develops. He's a big (6-3, 225-pound), tough-minded kid with strong leadership skills and an underrated arm, and there's a reason he went before more well-known prospects like Nate Davis of Ball State, Graham Harrell of Texas Tech and Chase Daniel of Missouri.
As a senior at A&M, McGee got a taste of playing in the West Coast offense of new Aggies head coach Mike Sherman, the former Packers head coach. It's a style he seemed to be well-suited to, and it should aid in his understanding of NFL offenses. I'm not saying he'll push Tony Romo out of Big D in two years, but just keep an eye on McGee. He might turn up somewhere in the NFL as a starter in the not-too-distant future.
Best pick: I like quarterback Stephen McGee in the fourth round. He'll be a backup, but a good one. Questionable move: Why use a pick on kicker in the fifth round when Nick Folk is so good? It makes no sense. Second-day gem: Fourth-round defensive end Victor Butler is a speed rusher who has a lot of athletic ability. He fits in their 3-4 scheme.
Details: After trading out of its only first-day pick, Dallas focused on upgrading at linebacker. Fast but undersized small-schooler Jason Willliams isn't a great fit for a 3-4 scheme and Texas Tech DE Brandon Williams, who the Cowboys will try at outside 'backer, lacks the up-field burst for the transition.

DeAngelo Smith is a fine free safety prospect, but using him there would force Ken Hamlin to strong safety, where Hamlin's poor tackling would be a liability. Nick Folk is already an excellent field-goal kicker; David Buehler was a wasted pick. Stephen McGee was never a good college QB; why would he succeed in the pros? Getting gifted press corner Mike Mickens in the seventh kept this draft from getting an F, even when factoring in the Roy Williams trade.
USA Today rolled out the D grade as well:
Dallas Cowboys: No primo picks after last year's deal for WR Roy Williams, then had 12 choices on Sunday. Not a team with a ton of holes, though. LB Jason Williams does everything at top speed, including making mistakes. But he brings athleticism and hustle on every snap. OT Robert Brewster is big (6-4, 325) but a little short on strength and power. QB Stephen McGee could be a find in the fourth round. Career at Texas A&M derailed by coaching change and injury. Grabbed a couple of DEs in fourth round to offset loss of Chris Canty.

Newy Scruggs
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