Movie Crocodile is Star of FW Zoo's Croc Cafe

Are you searching for a dining atmosphere like no other? You might try the Fort Worth Zoo’s Crocodile Café.

Right outside a window of the Croc Café sits "Salty” a 15-and-a-half foot long saltwater crocodile from Australia.
"He had been in captivity in Australia for a number of years, had starred in a really bad b-movie from what we understand,” said Zoo spokeswoman Alexis Wilson. “So he was the star of screen over there, and here we're just letting him live in his enclosure."
Wilson says Salty was the star of an Australian film, "Black Water," about a rogue crocodile that attacks tourists in their boat. Salty is also known to have eaten female crocs that his keepers have tried to mate him with.
Salty is still a star in Fort Worth, but he's safely behind glass, and has to share the limelight. As part of the Fort Worth Zoo's new Museum of Living Art Exhibit, which replaced the old Herpetarium. There are more than 5,000 animals in the exhibit.
Across from Salty is a floor-to-ceiling aquarium stocked with equally impressive Gharial crocodile.
“It’s like sitting underwater, having lunch underwater," said one visitor.
“I thought it was fake at first,” said visitor Lenny Watson. “Then we saw its arm move."
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