Women + Boxing = Perfect Match

More women are entering the boxing ring for workouts

Women across the Metroplex are saying goodbye to their old workout and saying hello to the boxing ring. 

"It's like a big boom going on right now," said Frank Nguyen, owner of Arlington Mixed Martial Arts Absolute Fitness.

The Arlington fitness center has a special program geared specifically toward women who want to jump in the ring.

"I've got all kinds of clientele from film stars, to beauty pageants, to home moms," said Nguyen.

Hit like a girl just doesn't quite seem to have the same meaning anymore.

"It's kind of nice to know in the back of your mind you have a little edge," said boxer Rachel Star. "Like I'm not going to say you're going to beat anybody up, but you definitely have this confidence."

The confidence is only topped by the health benefits, the women who participated in the workout said.

"This workout actually worked everything out," Jacqueline Jaquez said. "I mean you're working your abs, your arms, your legs, oh your legs."

The sport is becoming so popular that women's boxing will now be an event in the Summer Olympics for the first time ever.

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