Men Have the Man Cave; Women Have the Mom Cave

The room in the house where a man can hang out with his friends, watch TV or play poker is the modern-day "man cave."

But more and more mothers are creating their own personal space for relaxation -- call it the "mom cave."

This weekend's Home Improvement Show at the Dallas Convention Center will have a model of a "mom cave."

Professional organizer Tonia Tomlin, president of Plano-based Sorted Out, designed the restful haven. More and more women -- and not just moms -- are asking for one.

There's no right or wrong way to organize your space. You can pick any room in the house and give it your own style and flavor.

"Maybe your favorite colors; you can integrate all those things in the 'mom cave' because you can't really do that in a lot of other places in the home. And just pick it where it's just mine and just shut the door," said Tomlin. "The 'mom cave' is for the mom, and no one else is allowed in there."

Plano mom Robin Skinner created her own sanctuary inside her home.

"Having three kids, it's crazy, and life is so hectic and everything. You want to have a room that you can just retreat to -- no clutter, no stacks of Post-it notes telling me what I need to do," she said.

Instead, her "mom cave" has flowers, candles, magazines and photos of her favorite people.

"I love being in there because it's just, it really is kind of just a quiet, restful place. And the TV noise isn't on. And background noise isn't there," said Skinner.

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