Meet the Maestro: Jaap Van Zweden

Dallas Symphony Orchestra music director compared to a rock star

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra's music director, Jaap Van Zweden, is an overnight sensation in the United States

Jaap (pronounced Yaap), as nearly everyone refers to him, is already famous in Europe, but now he's taking over the United States' classical music scene.

"As a conductor, you've got to know exactly how to fire your orchestra up,"  Van Sweden said.

Critics across the country are raving about the energy he brings to the performances, and even more importantly, audiences in Dallas are enjoying the experience of watching and listening.

"I like the way he moves the whole time he's on stage," one concertgoer said.

Van Zweden and his family still live part of the year in his native Amsterdam, but he does plan to move his family to Dallas eventually.

You can see maestro Jaap Van Zweden and the DSO perform Jan. 8 through 11 at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in the arts district of Dallas.

The DSO's next performance with Van Zweden is scheduled for April 16 through 19. 

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