McKinney Teacher Surprises Student With New Drums

Video of a McKinney student being surprised with a new set of drums is going viral.

It was recorded last Wednesday at Wilmeth Elementary School.

10-year-old Alijah Lockhart began playing the drums at church as a toddler.

He learned on his own, teaching himself using a drum set at home until the day the music stopped.

“December 2016, my house burned down and that's when the drums got destroyed in the house fire,” said Lockhart.

School, church and Guitar Center are the only places Alijah could practice.

It struck a chord with his new music teacher Stacy Caldwell.

“Knowing that he had that in his soul and he had nothing to play on and so I just knew immediately we have to get him some drums somehow,” Caldwell explained.

Earlier this month, Caldwell posted video of Alijah playing drums on a five-gallon bucket.

Days later, she delivered the news.

“Everyone wanted to help get you some new drums,” Caldwell is heard telling Alijah on cell phone video.

Alijah’s jaw drops as Caldwell removes that sheet that had been hiding the drums in her music room.

“Oh my god!” Alijah says, emotions overflowing.

“I just was not expecting the kind of reaction that I got from him. It was really hard to keep from crying when I saw tears in his eyes,” Caldwell said.

The video has been viewed more than six million times on Facebook.

It's earned Alijah fame from his misfortune.

“What do my friends think is, when I came to school today like, I told him about this stuff and they're like ‘You're getting interviewed?’,” he said.

Alijah wants to be a professional drummer when he grows up.

Having the tools he needs at home leaves little doubt how his story will play out.

It isn't just drums that were donated.

Alijah is also getting an electronic drum set, a practice pad and music books.

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